My website is still under construction. In the meanwhile, this is a temporary page featuring the main games in my portfolio. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at info@fedeali.eu.

Alien Races

June, 2016

Game design and prototype for a kart racing game in which players can make bets with each other to gain Coins, that contribute to the final ranking of the tournament. For this project, whose prototype has been developed in Unity, I mainly worked on game design and level design, and in little part on programming.


February, 2015

A 3D shoot ‘em up inspired to the iconic Gyruss and Tempest, developed for the “Videogame Design and Programming” class hold by Prof. Pier Luca Lanzi at Politecnico di Milano.

The game features a Campaign mode in which you have to make your way through hordes of enemies (of different types, with different behaviors) and tough bosses. You can choose which character to play with: everyone has different stats and a unique special weapon! There is also a Survival mode in which you have to survive as long as you can scoring as many points as possible! Survival mode can also be played with a friend on the same screen: in that case the goal is surviving longer as your opponent!

For this game, made with Unity, I worked on programming, game design and level design.

The game is available for free on Windows Store and Mac App Store.

Camp Hoops

July, 2014

I developed this game for LTS Education Systems, to be integrated into their innovative e-learning platform Stride Academy, that uses videogames as motivational tools for learning. Camp Hoops is a web game (HTML5) playable with the web browser on both PC and tablets, fully supporting both mouse and touch input.

Break That Wall!


A simple Breakout clone featuring 120 levels, 12 types of powerup, and an endless mode called Invasion, in which bricks continuosly come down from the top of the screen, faster and faster: when they get over a certain threshold, it's game over. This game has been featured many times in the Italian Windows Phone Store.

Available on iOS, Android and Windows.

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